V2.2.3/4 Release Notes


This note covers the changes introduced in versions 2.2.3 and 2.2.4. These were consequent on the release of the GHS process module for PixInsight. In brief the changes are as follows.

  • On first start up an information dialog will be displayed informing of the availability of the GHS process module and also the current status of the module on the users machine. This dialog can be disabled for future start ups by checking the “Do not show again” checkbox. It can be re-enabled by going to the preferences dialog from within the script and unchecking the “Don’t show Process module notice” checkbox. 
  • Where the GHS process module is available on the users machine it will be used where possible to apply the GHS transformation when the “Apply” button is clicked. The user can force the script not to use the process module even if present by unchecking the “Use Process module if possible” checkbox in the preferences dialog. The calculations will then be performed within the script code in the same way as before the process module was introduced. 
  • The preferences dialog has two new options: “Don’t show Process module notice” and “Use Process module if possible”. The function of each of these has been described above.