Adam Block

About Adam Block

Adam Block is an award winning astrophotographer (including 100 APODs) working at the Mt. Lemmon SkyCentre in Arizona. He is an acclaimed public speaker and his tutorials are held in high regard across the astrophotographic community.  He is also a PixInsight Ambassador.

Adam runs a website “AdamBlockStudios” where he provides an extensive suite of training videos in which he brings his analytical presentational style to bear on a huge range of astrophotographic topics.

We are pleased to provide here a link for his video “GHS Explained”.  Further material can be found on his website.

GHS Explained

In this video Adam introduces GHS (process version).  He explores the GHS process interface and demonstrates how its features can be used by practical example on M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy) and M42 (Orion Nebula).  He describes the latter as the ultimate test of stretching!