V3.0.3 Release Notes


This note covers the changes introduced in version 3.0.3 of the GHS process.

  • Added track view facility.  A check box has been added at the bottom right of the interface window.  If the track view checkbox is selected GHS will track all changes to the active image.  This is the default mode and is enabled when GHS is started up.  In this mode GHS will update the histogram to reflect any changes to the current image whether these changes are made by GHS or by another process.  If track view is unchecked the histogram will be blank and GHS will not track any changes to the current image.  Certain long running processes can be slowed down if GHS continues to track while they are running.  If you experience slow running processes after using GHS then unchecking the track view may help.  Track view will also be disabled when the GHS process interface is closed. 
  • Upgraded the histogram zoom facility so that, if a readout value is selected and visible in the histogram window, the zoom will be centred on the readout value.  If no readout value is selected, or it is outside the visible bounds of the histogram window, then the zoom will be left justified.
  • Some additional code optimisation has been implemented.
  • Documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.