Paulyman Astro

About Paulyman Astro

Paulyman Astro is a YouTube channel featuring excellent video tutorial content relating to astrophotography.  This includes a very helpful series on Pixinsight from start to finished image.  He also includes a series on GHS which we are very pleased to make available here.  If you like this content, please visit Paulyman Astro on YouTube and like/subscribe to his channel.  

GHS Introduction

Paulyman’s first video provides an introduction to the GHS script and its use.  Although based on GHS version 1 it remains highly relevant for version 2.

Initial stretch

In this next video Paulyman explains, in detail, the first step in his GHS workflow.  He provides a clear insight into how he determines the parameters for his initial stretch of linear data.  The video is based on version 1 of GHS but the approach remains relevant to version 2, although easier to implement in the newer version due to the real-time preview.

The Eric Coles method using GHS 2

In this next video Paulyman shares a really innovative use of the new functionality in GHS 2 to help make your images really “pop”!

The perfect combination: Hubble Palette and GHS for incredible images

Looking to create stunning Hubble Palette images but don’t know where to start? Paulyman shows you how to create jaw-dropping SHO images using only GHS.  In this video Paulyman uses the process version of GHS.