Dave Payne is an experienced astrophotographer and was the man who originally proposed the use of generalised hyperbolic equations for stretching astronomical images. He has prepared this series of instructional videos .

Paulyman Astro

Paul at Paulyman Astro has been an early adopter and supporter of GHS. He has produced an excellent series of videos introducing the script and providing practical guidance on how to get the best from it.

The Astro Imaging Channel

Mike and Dave presented GHS to TAIC on 29th May 2022.

San Jose Astronomical Association

In January 2023 Dave presented the process form of GHS to the SJAA.

Adam Block

Adam Block has a full suite of videos covering GHS and stretching generally which is available to subscribers on his website. Here we present his instructional video "GHS Explained"

Other videos

A selection of videos relevant to GHS.